802.3af to 24V converter Преглед отблизо

LigoWave 802.3af to 24V converter



A Converter from RJ-45 802.3af/at to RJ-45 24VDC

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Electrical specifications

Input voltage37 - 57V, 802.3 af/at
Output voltage24 VDC +/- 10%
Output power  13 W
Output PoE typePassive on 4,5(+) and 7,8(-) pins
Data rate  100 Mbps
Surge protection2 kV line to line, 5 kV line to ground (on output port)


Physical specifications

Input jackRJ-45
Output jackRJ-45
Data jackRJ-45
Dimensions117 x 87 x 34 mm 
Weight300 g
Operating temperature-10 to +65 C
UTP/FTP cable length    100 m total (from switch to the device)

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