LAN controller is a simple, but innovative device which has long been lacking in the market network solutions.

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  • Supply voltage: 8-28V 
  • Power consumption : about 1W 
  • PoE supply: YES, passive 
  • Interface: ethernet 10Mbit/s 
  • Relay: 255VAC 10A
  • Operation temperature: -20 do +85deg C
  • Dimensions: 60x68mm
  • Weight 50g (without casing)
  • WWW or SNMP v2 management. 
  • Firmware upgrade via TFTP
  • Read data in real time without refreshing page
  • Possibility switch on/off to 5 relay direct and 1 transistor output up to 1A from page WWW
  • Events panel to self-programming by user
  • Scheduler (switch on/off output for definite time in week days) 
  • IP watchdog to five IP device 
  • Monitoring additional devices eg. PIR sensors 
  • Environmental temperature and supply voltage on board measurement
  • Temperature and current measurement from connected sensors 
  • Temperature and humidity measurement by DTH22 sensor
  • Power measurement for DC voltage 
  • Power measurement from grid by elecricity meterer impulse
  • Possibility to connecting of the additional boards: with 4 switched PoE ports or 4 relays
  • Set time manualy or by server NTP 
  • Posisibility sensors calibration  
  • Frequency and duty modified PWM output
  • Remote control: each output of Lan controller setup as server can be controlled remotelly by LAN network from inputs of others Lan controllers
  • E-mail notification about programmed events 
  • SNMP TRAP notification about programmed events
  • Automaticaly send state or value inputs to SNMP server
  • Implemented protocols: HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP. 
  • Supported temperature sensors:  PT1000, DS18B20
  • Suppor 1wire protocol

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Technical specification
Supply voltage:8-28V 
Power consumption :about 1W 
PoE supply: YES, passive YES, passive 
Interface:ethernet 10Mbit/s 
Relay:255VAC 10A
Operation temperature:-20 do +85deg C
Weight:50g (without casing)