GSM v3 controller

v3 controller


GSM v3 controller allow monitor by gsm network different phisical parameters and control remotely on/off 5 outputs.  Control is done through SMS messages and monitoring can be run by SMS or gprs data transmission to internet server

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  • Management by SMS or USB (after connecting to computer)
  • Monitoring by gprs transmission to http server, by SMS received on user phone or by USB
  • Upgrade new firmware by USB port
  • Monitoring logic states, for example move sensors, position detectors
  • Measurment of voltage, temperature, humidity i and many more by analog voltage inputs
  • Pulse counting on INP4D
  • Transistor output (up to 1A), possibility to connect additinal board with 4 realys  or PoE injector with power switching
  • SMS or http notification about logicla inputs
  • Supported sensors: PT1000, DS18B20, DTH22 (temperature and humidity)
  • Up to 99 phone numbers in memory allowing to controll - solution for gate opener in restricted areas.
  • Command authentication by password
  • Remote power supply measurement.

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Technical specification
GSM module bands                 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
SIM interface                          1,8 i 3V 
USB interface                     virtual com port (115200, 8 bits, 1 bit stop, no parity
Other interfaces                   1-wire (RJ11), SPI, I2C, UART
Transistor out                     1x 1A/turn on supply voltage
OC outs                              4x outs open collector type, transistor BC847B (45V-100mA)
Logical inputs                     4x , max 20V
Analog inputs                     3pcs, 2x tension 0-3,6V, 1x tension 0-36V
Тemperature meas.       1x PT1000,  1 wire sensors  x8  DS18B20
Аntena                            Attached
Input power supply          6-28V DC, socket size 5,5mm
Power consumption          0.3W without GSM transmission
Operational temperature             -20 do   +70 C
Board size                                68x60mm
Board weight                                   57g