Wi-Tek WI-PS306GF-UPS PoE Switch
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Wi-Tek WI-PS306GF-UPS PoE Switch


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5GE+1SFP PoE Switch WI-PS306GF-UPS provides 5 10/100/1000Mbps ports and 1 SFP Fiber slots port, expanding your network flexibly. The WI-PS306GF-UPS UPS system is designed specifically for 24V DC PoE equipment such as Ubiquiti, Wi-Tek, Mikrotik, etc. and 48V PoE equipment like IP camera, VOIP Phone and wireless AP.

The system provides continuous total PoE power on 5 switched PoE ports. Its inside battery controller maintains the proper charge on the batteries to prevent over charge and controls the load to prevent over discharge. Also, its inside solar controller and DC input port support and utilize the solar capacity to extend the backup time (and can charge the battery at the same time). This device provides you the ideal solution for CCTV/WISP UPS no break system.