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The soil moisture sensor helps determining the optimal watering for the plants by regularly indicating the water content of the soil. The sensor is equipped with a built–in temperature sensor and EC meter – a reliable and easy way to determine if fertilizer nutrient levels are adequate for optimal plant growth.

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Sensors are compatible only with Aranet base stations

  • Measures: soil and substrate moisture, electric conductivity, temperature
  • Line-of-Sight range: up to 3 km/ 1.9mi
  • Operating environment: indoor and outdoor use
  • Transmitter power: 14 dBm
  • Data Transmission: 1,2, 5, 10  minutes
  • Battery life: Up to 10 years
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Cable length: 5m (16.4ft)


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Aranet Soil moisture, EC and T sensor 
MeasurementsSoil Moisture and Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Temperature
Line of Sight Range3km/1.9
Operating environmentIndoor and Outdoor use
Transmitter power14 dBm
FrequencyDepends on base station instructions
Volumetric Water Content (VWC)
Range0.00–0.70 m3/m3 (Mineral Soil), 0.0–1.0 m3/m3(Soilless media)
Resolution0.001 m3/m3 (0.1%)
Accuracy *±0.03 m3/m3 typical in mineral soils @ EC<8 mS/cm
±0.01–0.02 m3/m3 in any porous medium
Apparent dielectric permittivity
Range1 (air) – 80 (water)
Accuracy1–40, ±1 (unitless)
 41–80, 15% of measurement
Range-40°C to 60°C
Resolution0.1 °C
Accuracy±1 °C
Bulk Electrical Conductivity
Range0–20 mS/cm (bulk)
Resolution0.001 mS/cm
Accuracy±5% of measurement (<10 mS/cm) **
Data transmission1, 2, 5, 10 minutes
Data protectionData encryption
Power options1 AA Alkaline battery (Zn/Mn02)
 1 AA Lithium battery (Li/FeS2)
Alkaline Battery life @20°C / 68°FUp to 7 years
Lithium Battery life @20°C / 68°FUp to 10 years
Operating temperature w Alkaline-20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F) Sensor body
Operating temperature w Lithium-40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) Sensor body
Operating humidity0% to 100%
Dimensions35mmØ x 120mm (1.4”Ø x 4.7”) Sensor body
 94mm x 24mm x 75mm (3.7” x 0.95” x 2.95”) Probe incl. Needles
 55mm (2.17”) Length of needles
Weight320g (11.3oz) w Alkaline battery
 312g (11.0oz) w Lithium battery
ConstructionASA Plastic (Sensor body)
Protection classIP68
CE/FCC/IC markingCE, FCC
Included1 AA Alkaline battery
Cable length5m (16.4ft)
Compatible base stationsAranet PRO (from sw v1.4)