Current sensor boards ACS709
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Current sensor boards ACS709

-75A to +75A

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Board with Hall efect sensor. Current flowing between terminals is isolated from measurement part, but inductes Hall effect which is measured as output voltage proportional to current. Only 1,1mΩ as a resistance and current path and electrical isolation up to 2.1 kV RMS.The sensor has optimized accuracy for currents from -37.5 A to 37.5 A, and the analog voltage output is linear for current magnitudes up to 75 A. The ratiometric output voltage is centered at VCC/2 and has a typical error of ±2%. It operates from 3 V to 5.5 V, so it can interface directly to both 3.3 V and 5 V systems.
This product is intended for use below 48 V. Working with higher voltages can be extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by qualified individuals with appropriate equipment and protective gear.