Milesight CCTV Industrial Router UR75 5G
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Milesight CCTV Industrial Router UR75 5G

CCTV Industrial Router UR75 5G, GPS and Wi-Fi


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Adopting high-performance industrial platform of quad-core CPU and cellular module, UR75 is capable of providing wire-speed network and ultra-small package to ensure the extremely safe and reliable connection to the wireless network. Upgraded to the latest cellular technology - 5G, the UR75 makes itself possible to enjoy ultra-fast broadband access with 5G cellular network. Meanwhile, UR75 also supports 5-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, serial ports (RS232/RS485) and DI/DO (Digital input/Digital output), which enable you toscaleupM2Mapplication combining data and video in limited time and budget. UR75 is particularly suitable for smart grid, digital media installations, industrial automation, telemetry equipment, medical device, digital factory, finance, payment device, environment protection, water conservancy and so on.