Milesight TS2966-X12TPE (1/2.8") AI Road Traffic (Radar) Pro Bullet Plus Camera
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Milesight TS2966-X12TPE (1/2.8") AI Road Traffic (Radar) Pro Bullet Plus Camera

Discover the TS2966-X12TPE, an essential tool for a safer and more efficient road, combining cutting-edge technology, robust design and intelligent applications, its advanced detection and recognition capabilities make it a comprehensive solution for modern road traffic management.

Equipped with a 1/2.8″ sensor, an impressive 140dB WDR range and a motorized lens, this camera detects and analyzes traffic with greater than 95% accuracy. It supports simultaneous detection of 4 lanes and its maximum resolution is 1920x1080 capturing an impressive 90fps. It identifies attributes such as color and make of vehicles at a maximum speed of 200 km/h offering an illumination distance of up to 70m during the day and 35m at night. Its Smart Search capability adds a new dimension to traffic monitoring.

A complete and advanced view of traffic conditions.

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* Support SD card, up to 1TB; 3-Axis Design

* Support maximun vehicle speed of 120km/h

* Multi-Port: RS485+Alarm I/O*1+Audio I/O*1+DC 12V +PoE

* Integrated Cable Management (Junction Box A62 Default)


* RS485+Alarm I/O*2+Audio I/O*1+DC 12V+PoE (Cable Out Version)

* RS485+Alarm I/O*2+Audio I/O*1+DC 12V+PoE (Junction Box Version: $10)

* Heating Module: $5 (Camera Working Temperature: -60℃~60℃)

* LPR USA version: $100

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MS-TS2966-X12TPE (1/2.8")